Monday, November 5, 2007

No More Trans Fat?

Wow, I was at the store the other day and I discovered that Nutella no longer uses hydrogenated oil. One reason I stopped eating it was because of the trans fats. The only problem now is that instead of partially hydrogenated peanut oil they are using palm oil, which is also bad. Nutella has a lot of fat per serving, but a lot of that fat is from hazelnuts. I’m not recommending this product, but it is good, and I was just happy that they had taken out the trans fat. (Note: I just looked up the nutritional information on Nutella. Apparently their website hasn’t caught up with the change because it still has the old information. But I swear what I am saying is correct. Check it yourself next time you are at the grocery store.)


Miss Cellania said...

I was starting to wonder where you were! Glad you are still with us.

Raggedy said...

Glad to see you post!
Have a wonderful weekend!
(=':'=) huggles
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the Cool Raggedy one