Saturday, June 16, 2007

Food Diary, Saturday, June 16

Bowl of Cheerios (about 1.5 cups) w/Silk Soy Milk, Vanilla
One cup Green Tea, w/2 tsp sugar, sipped throughout the morning

Noon and After
Bowl of Chili and Beans, low fat, vegetarian, from Kroger, with couscous added
4 nonfat Nabisco saltine crackers
Cup of Green Tea, w/sugar sipped throughout the afternoon

Went out to eat at local cafeteria: tossed salad w/nonfat French dressing, Veggie plate with Great Northern beans, white rice, and plain broccoli. Drink water as needed. It looked like there was grease in the beans, but I ate them anyway. These beans are cooked with meat, Southern style, but you rarely see any, and usually they seem relatively fat free.

2 glasses of wine
10 pistachio nuts
1 non fat rice cake from Kroger’s
1 slice whole wheat bread with grape jelly

Need to watch my fat intake. I thought it would be interesting to start and keep a food diary. It is really difficult to limit your fat intake. As I've said before, a bowl of Cheerios in the morning with soy milk can amount to substantial amt of fat. I tried this in 2001 and had very good success, but as time has gone by it has been easy to relax. If I want to be really healthy, though, I think I need to limit my fat intake even further. I want to get and keep my cholesterol down, and that is one way. I'll talk about that further in a couple of days.

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