Sunday, June 17, 2007

Food Diary, Sunday, June 17

Bowl of Cheerios (about 1.5 cups) w/Silk Lite Soy Milk, Vanilla
One cup Green Tea, w/2 tsp sugar, sipped throughout the morning
One tsp Carlson Fish oil
Cut the grass, front yard and back, before it got too hot. Good workout.

Noon and After
One banana, organic
One bowl Quaker instant oatmeal, heart healthy, with a tsp of FiberSure added plus extra cinnamon
One serving Tabatchnick Cabbage soup, from Kroger, 100 calories
Cup of Green Tea, w/sugar, sipped throughout the afternoon

One bowl blackeye peas with elbow macaroni, tomato sauce, onions, garlic, vinegar which I cooked from “scratch”. Really good.
4 nonfat Nabisco saltine crackers
Walked 30 minutes at the mall

3 plums
One peach
2 glasses of wine
1 nonfat rice cake from Kroger’s
1 slice whole wheat bread with grape jelly

Need to watch my fat intake. Key is low fat or non fat food. Also watch calories. Hopefully this is all I ate. I try to be conscientious and accurate.

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