Saturday, June 16, 2007

TrueBlue Encore

In this article, apparently blueberries are better at lowering LDL cholesterol than even statin drugs. Wow, isn’t that cool? Some people, like me, will opt for the blueberries. Most everyone else will opt for the statins, even though there could be some troubling side effects involved.

HOWEVER, this article says that blackberries are better at lowering LDL cholesterol than blueberries are. How cool is that? I’m always looking for ways to naturally lower my cholesterol, and now all I’ve got to do is have a few berries for my snack.

Of course some of this research is a few years old, but the bottom line on all this, I think, is that berries are good for you. They’re good at helping control cholesterol. They may help fight cancer. What’s not to like about them?

I spoke recently about TrueBlue blueberry juice. Thing is, TrueBlue puts out a juice cocktail I guess that is a combination blackberry and blueberry juice in addition to their regular blueberry juice. I’ve tried the blueberry/blackberry and it is really good. And apparently, according to research regarding the blackberry, it might be really good for you, particularly in helping lower cholesterol or fighting cancer.

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Raggedy said...

Happy Father's Day!
Huggles and Love,

Ed Bremson said...

Thank you Raggedy. That means a lot to me.

Hope you have a nice day. You deserve it.