Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Depression and Diabetes

This article says that depression may cause a person to be diabetic. If this is true, then I think we want to do all we can to treat depression, because we certainly do not want to get diabetes or any other health disorder.

The above article mentions cortisol, a stress hormone, as a possible cause of diabetes in depressed people. This just goes back to what I have said for a long time, that stress is potentially a big problem, and we should do all we can do to deal with it effectively. Here is an extensive discussion of stress which also mentions cortisol.

The question arises, however, that if cortisol is a problem, is there any way to lower it in our blood? I think the answer to that is maybe. Here is an article that discusses cortisol at some length, and here is an article that talks about ways to possibly lower cortisol levels. I do not vouch for the accuracy or validity of these two articles, but I present them in hopes that you can make your own determination of their accuracy and validity. And maybe you will get some ideas about how to deal with cortisol.

This is a very complex issue that is not going to be solved right away. But if we become aware of it because of articles like these, maybe that can lead to a solution in the future.

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Alex said...

I'll be more concerned with the main reasons to avoid diabetes. If it has proven any person to have diabetes because of depression, then maybe I start considering it.

Terri said...

This is an intriguing issue. We know that depression is common among people. If their claims prove to be true, a lot of people will surely suffer from diabetes.