Friday, April 13, 2007

Diabetes and Heart Disease says that “many cases of diabetes are preventable and even small changes can help reduce your risk.”

For those who don’t have diabetes, one reason to do everything you can do to avoid getting it is that apparently having diabetes can take 15 years of health from a person’s heart. In other words, a 40 year-old person with diabetes has about the same risk of cardiovascular disease as a 55 year-old person. Stated another way, diabetes can age a person’s heart by 15 years. My mother was diabetic. She died from a stroke at the age of 70. Without diabetes she might have lived to 85.

For those who have diabetes, here is more information about the condition as it relates to heart disease, and some things you can do to possibly lower your risks. also has a wealth of information about diabetes, as you can imagine, including tips on prevention, diabetes diet, and other articles that deal with treatment of and coping with diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious disease. For some people it may be unavoidable. For everyone else it just makes good sense to live a sensible lifestyle so that we don’t get diabetes along with all the complications that it can bring.

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