Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I recently doubled my exercise routine from 30 minutes per day to two sessions of 30 minutes each, for a total of 60 minutes per day. That was partly responsible for my being able to lose about twelve pounds. (Changing my evening snack routine was also a big part of the equation.)

I was curious to know how many calories l was burning by doing all that walking. I measured the distance I covered by setting my car odometer back to zero and then driving over my exercise route. The results showed that I walk about 3.2 miles in one hour, which is not really all that fast – one mile in about nineteen minutes – although I do not know how I could really go any faster unless I started jogging, or something like that.

Anyway, I calculated that I was burning about 250 calories per day for one hour of walking.

Here is a table that shows number of calories burned per mile.

Here is a calculator for determining number of calories burned walking over a period of time.

The above two links contain many other links for information about walking. And here is another page with a lot more links.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle should include exercise as one component, and it does not necessarily have to be walking. Hard work qualifies as exercise too. I know, the weather has been so cool the last few days that I have done a lot of cooking. Rinsing beans and chopping vegetables can be a little strenuous at times. I have enjoyed it, though, but I still found time to fit in a walk or two.

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