Friday, January 5, 2007

Health Notes

Here is a good discussion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Those with heart failure should not take omega-3s. They could kill you. For others, taking 3000 mg of omega-3s per day can lead to excessive bleeding. Read the entire article for more in depth coverage on the difference between EPA, DHA, and ALA fatty acids.

Is it true that several hundred thousand people under the age of 65 have dementia?

Beta-carotene may protect against Alzheimer’s disease, but not for everyone?

Even though Pfizer’s drug torcetrapib has been abandoned, it may still be possible to raise HDL and lower LDL.

The average child consumes 165 calories too many per day, and some kids consume as many as 1000 excess calories, equivalent of about two Big Macs?

I’ve read, of course, that overweight women appear to have less risk of breast cancer in some cases. This article says that obesity will lead to more cancer, not less. I really don’t think I would opt to be obese, or even overweight, especially with all the controversy swirling around that condition. Did I mention that I have a body mass index (BMI) of 22? I could still lose about 20 pounds and still not be underweight. I am thankful that I have been able to control my weight to a certain extent, although at times I have gained a little too much and have had to stop eating some things like peanut butter.

Obese women may be able to improve their health not by dieting, but by eating a healthier diet and by exercising more.

Here are the warning signs of anorexia.

- Weighing less than 85 percent the expected weight for your height, or having a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 17.5.
- Excessive concern about weight or body shape.
- Yellow or dry skin, or hair loss, because of malnutrition.
- Amenorrhea - the lack of menstrual periods in women.
- Difficulty eating in social settings, social withdrawal, deceptive or secretive behavior and excessive exercise.

Could taking B vitamins protect you from heart attack and stroke? I’m not sure, but I take them anyway, partly because I’m a vegetarian and need to supplement my Bs.

Here is a discussion of some common diet myths. These myths are all mostly not true, of course.

Here’s another perspective on a calorie restricted diet: it may have a positive effect on your immune system.

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