Monday, January 15, 2007

Health Notes

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to believe. To avoid Alzheimer’s disease they say to use your brain. They also used to say that we only use about one tenth of our brain. And yet now they are saying that having a college education speeds up mental decline in some people as they age. Also on a similar subject, being bilingual may delay the onset of dementia. In some ways you have to just go and live your life and not worry about any of this.

People erroneously believe there is nothing they can do to reduce their risk of getting cancer, when “more than half of all cancer deaths are related to lifestyle,” which of course can be changed. This could be a case of ignorance, or these people could just be discouraged because it does seem that cancer is popping up everywhere, and what can you really do about it? When you have a friend, as I do, who died at the age of 62 of lymphoma, that does tend to discourage one.

I guess in that same vein, does hepatitis B promote liver cancer?

Radon, which causes cancer, is a big potential problem for those who live in New York, and also for those who live in New Jersey.

Eating 10 grams of tofu a day might help reduce the risk of getting ovarian cancer by 44%. HOWEVER, if you have cancer, don’t eat soy. Apparently, “high doses of soy can actually stimulate the growth of existing cancer.”

Here are fifteen common myths about cervical cancer. They are really important, so please check them out and inform yourself. BTW, January is National Cervical Cancer Month, or something like that.

A new test, measuring telomeres in the blood, might be able to identify those who are at greater risk of developing heart disease.

We have spoken before about peripheral artery disease. Apparently that is a huge potential problem for low-income minorities.

I’ve been meaning to mention this article about procrastination, but I just kept on putting it off I guess.

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Note: links that look good today often are no longer good in the future. I make every effort to create good links. When I discuss a topic, I also attempt to provide enough pertinent information so that readers won’t have to rely solely on the link at hand for their understanding, or for their further research.


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