Friday, January 12, 2007

Health Notes

Eating vegetables is supposed to keep your brain young. People in this study who ate more than two servings of vegetables per day experienced 40 percent less mental decline than their counterparts who did not eat the vegetables. Fruit did not seem to confer the same benefits. Here's another article. To me, this is really good news. I stopped eating meat about four years ago, so I eat lots of vegetables. I just hope I can avoid some mental decline as I age.

Drinking red wine is said to lower the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Once again, it may be the resveratrol in the wine that is providing protection, because white wine did not provide the same benefits. I have been taking resveratrol since 2000 when I first read about its cancer fighting potential. Also, here is an article from the National Cancer Institute.

In a recent study of men who were nonsmokers, not overweight, who exercised 30 minutes per day, had diets high in vegetables, fruit, fish, and unsaturated fats, and low in trans fats and red meat, the group among them who had two drinks per day had the lowest incidence of heart attacks.

Fatty tissue in the body seems to decrease a person’s ability to fight cancer. Another reason to lose weight? You bet.

This is scary as hell: cancer cells consume vitamin C faster than normal cells do. Therefore, if one takes a megadose of this vitamin, he may be fueling the cancer rather than fighting it. This certainly is something for those of us who are taking a daily vitamin supplement to think about, but in some ways this might pertain more to people who actually have cancer. But it still gives one pause.

Apparently there are risks associated with some ADHD drugs, among them being the risk of cardiac arrest?

Other Notes Too much fluoride can be bad for you – and here is one way to deal with high blood pressure.

We like to think that mankind has the answer to every problem, but often we are just wrong about things, we screw things up more than we help them, or there are unforeseen consequences to our actions, as this story illustrates. This is one reason why I am so much against widespread use of genetic engineering technology – unforeseen consequences.

The Tao of Bird Flu
1. Bird flu, avian influenza, H5N1 – they all sound ominous. Pandemic sounds worse.

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