Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Again with Stress

I know I’m talking a lot about stress lately, but it is a very important topic, I am very interested in it, and coincidentally a lot of other people seem to be talking about it as well.

Apparently children subjected to chronic stress get sick more often than children under less stress.

It may be the case that severe stress can damage a child’s brain.

I had a GREAT night’s sleep last night. I used one of those biofeedback devices that you can get from The Sharper Image called the StressEraser. I’ve always been interested in biofeedback, but now even more so.

Here is a really good article on biofeedback from the Mayo Clinic. Here’s one on relaxation in general. And here’s one on meditation.

This news article says transcendental meditation may help patients with congestive heart failure.

And biofeedback might also help with congestive heart failure. (article 1, article 2) These two articles are about the same thing but I include them both because the comments at the end of each are different. It is important, I think, to read them both. The main point, as I understand it, is that after one session of biofeedback, cardiac output improved by nine percent. Wow!

We all undergo stress as individuals, and we undergo stress as a nation. Anything we can do to improve our health as a nation and as individuals is a good thing. Can biofeedback, meditation, and stress reduction help? I think so. In any event I don't think they can hurt.

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