Sunday, March 11, 2007


I bought one of those StressErasers from The Sharper Image. I know, it was about $300, but I feel like it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve been though a lot of stress recently. My wife died, and a lot of other stuff has been happening. You often don’t know the toll that stress is taking on you until maybe it’s too late.

Anyway, the StressEraser has really helped me relax. Basically it leads you in breathing exercises that help you quiet the nerves that are keeping you agitated. I found the device very easy to use. I think anyone would find it easy to use, especially if you follow the instructions, which are really very simple: exhale slowly whenever you see a triangle, mentally count until you find a number that works, and don’t inhale too deeply.

Too often we learn to be helpless. With the StressEraser I am being proactive in doing things to improve my health. Oh and BTW, I don’t get any money for a “testimonial” like this. But I do believe in dealing with stress, and the StressEraser has helped me.

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