Sunday, March 4, 2007

More on Stress

Dr. Dean Ornish, as I have mentioned before, talks a lot about stress. In this article he gives seven tips for stress management, which include Exercise, Enhancing Social Support, Breathing, Meditating, Trying Yoga, Cutting Caffeine, and Working on Getting Rid of Anger, Hostility, etc. Read the article for more discussion and better understanding.

This article says meditation may lower cholesterol and also lower “the risk of heart attack and stroke by lessening blood vessel blockage.” Wow, that’s interesting. Also the article quotes extensively from Dr. Ornish.

Here are some stress management tips. There are useful links at the bottom of the page. I have mentioned some of them already, but some of them I haven’t.

We talked earlier about quitting smoking. Here are some tips on “Ways to get the benefits of smoking without the risks.”

Something I ran across recently is the StressEraser. It’s a little expensive, but apparently it is a biofeedback machine that helps you control your breathing, your pulse rate, and your ability to deal with stress by teaching you how to relax?

It looks like a really good thing to me. My pulse rate tends to be a little high, which could lead to an elevated risk of sudden cardiac death – not a happy thought. Hopefully something like the StressEraser could help with that. Anyway I present the information here for anyone interested. You can use the Google search box on the right of this page to search for where to buy one if you’re interested, or if you just want to find more information.

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