Thursday, February 15, 2007

Antipsychotic Medication: Researchers may have found out why these drugs make patients gain weight. Apparently some of these medications “increase the activity of an enzyme called AMPK in cells in the part of the brain that regulates eating behaviour.” Hopefully they can use this knowledge to counter this troublesome side effect.

The above article says, “Zyprexa, which is considered to be the best therapeutic agent, causes the most weight gain.” I can understand that Zyprexa may cause the most weight gain. I know someone who took that drug and gained A LOT of weight. When the person switched to Risperdal the weight went away. They are very glad they didn’t contract diabetes in the process. But I don’t understand why they say Zyprexa is “considered to be the best therapeutic agent.” First, if it causes the most weight gain, is it really the best therapeutic agent? Second, in my experience as an observer, Zyprexa was very slow to work, if it worked at all. When this person I know who was on Zyprexa switched medications, Risperdal worked much faster, seemed to be more effective, and had fewer side effects. This is admittedly only one person’s experience, but maybe this perspective will help someone who has to deal with an illness like this firsthand. Good luck.

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