Saturday, February 17, 2007

Vitamin A, Fetuses & Depression

Apparently taking too much vitamin A can harm your fetus if you are pregnant. (We’ve talked about this before. Here is one article, here is another article, and here is another article.) Vitamin A is found in fish oil, so pregnant women are advised to take “only low dose omega-3 supplements.” Of course, couldn’t that concern be avoided if you took flax seed oil, which contains plant-derived omega-3s?

Regarding fish oil supplements and mercury, the fish oil I use (Carlson) says on the label it contains no detectable levels of mercury, PCBs, etc, so I feel pretty safe taking it.

And finally, the article to which I am referring in this post says that taking fish oil is probably not going to help people who are depressed. OK. I wish it did help, but I still think that taking fish oil, if you’re not pregnant, is a good thing to do.

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