Friday, February 2, 2007

There is a new study that suggests men who spend a lot of time driving may have an increased risk of skin cancer on the left side of their bodies. Do I now have to put sunscreen on my neck every time I get in the car? I have thought recently about having my car windows treated so they would block ultraviolet light. This was intended mainly to protect my eyes, but I can now see that is not the only reason why that might be a good idea. I do use the sun visor a lot, and when the sun is really hot on my left side, I do move the visor over to block what I can. (Actually while I was writing this I looked around online a bit for screens I could buy and put on the windows. A lot of people put up screens to protect babies in their car seats, so that may be one way to find something reasonably priced that I could install myself with a minimum of effort.) BTW, while we’re on this subject, a simple blood test that measures OGG1 activity in a person may be able to predict those who are at risk of developing head and neck cancer. Great. A blood test for head and neck cancer. It seems like there’s always something new that we have to lookout for. Fortunately the scientists are trying to find cures for all this.

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